The Buildings in Midas' Gold Plus are the main generators of income. Two factors affect a building production rate - quantity and speed. The quantity, or number of building, dictates how much gold a building will produce. The speed governs how quickly it will take to produce the gold each cycle.

The quantity of a building held is shown at the bottom of the building icon and equates to the buildings level. Every 25 levels produces a 1.5x production bonus. The speed of a building is shown by the progress bar at the top of the icon. This is normally blue. If it is red, this indicates a "critical" cycle. Gold will be increased by your current Critical Profits multiplier and you will also gain Knowledge.

All the buildings you own add up to your GPS (Gold per Second). All of the champions provide some sort of bonus based upon your GPS.

Building CostsEdit

Building Base Cost
Building RangersGuild Rangers' Guild 5
Building Sawmill Sawmill 300
Building Barracks Barracks 2,000
Building Stables Stables 20,000
Building GuardTower Guard Tower 150,000
Building HallOfEngineers Hall of Engineers 400,000
Building Shrine Shrine 10,000,000
Building Temple Temple 150,000,000
Building MerchantsGuild Merchants' Guild


Next Building Cost

$ Cost={Base Cost}*1.16^{Building Owned} $

Cumulative Cost of first to nth Buildings

$ Cost={{Base Cost}*\left(1.16^n-1\right) \over 0.16} $

Cost of Next n Buildings

$ Cost={{Base Cost}*\left(1.16^b-1.16^a\right) \over 0.16} $

Where b = desired total for current building and a = current total of current building.