Glory is the name for the prestige system in Midas' Gold Plus. It allows use of the second main currency in the game: DiamondDiamonds. Until you Prestige, earned Diamonds are called Blessed Diamonds; these cannot be spent and do not contribute any performance bonus.

At the start of the game, you need to gather 9.77Qa(9.77e15) Goldgold to unlock.

Using DiamondsEdit

After a Prestige, any Blessed Diamonds are converted to Diamonds. These can be spent on Artifacts, Researches, and new Champions. All Diamonds currently active give a boost to building profits, starting at 1% per Diamond. This percentage increases as you perform the "Diamonds Value" University research and "Sappers' Guild" upgrade at Midaeum.

You do not lose any Diamonds you spend. Spent Diamonds are converted back to Blessed Diamonds. However, you do lose the building profits boost for the current run. For this reason, it is normal to Prestige just after a large Diamond investment.

When to PrestigeEdit

The main question asked in chat is "When should I Prestige?" This is largely down to personal choice.

Your first reset can be around 80 to 100 Diamonds. Resetting at 50 Diamonds will give you a 100% boost to building profits which, depending on your play style, could double the speed of the game.

After that, many people like to wait until they have the same number of Blessed Diamonds as Diamonds before a Prestige (doubling). However, hitting a wall, a big Diamond spend, or boredom are all valid reasons to go for your next Prestige.