"Raid Mythical Cities for their riches."

Destinations Edit

Location Description Main Loot
Valhalla Sacred city of the Norse Gods. Winds Winds of Valhalla
El Dorado Legendary city in South America named after the King of the same name. Leaf Mysterious Leaf of El Dorado
Babylonia Ancient Mesopotamian city-state on the banks of the Euphrates River. Burst Knowledge Burst of Babylonia
Atlantis Mythical island that sank beneath the waves. Atlantis Artifact of Atlantis
Lemuria Hypothetical lost continent of the South Pacific. Powder Powder of Lemuria

Raid Points Edit

You earn RaidPointRaid Points each time you claim Loot from Raids. Each RaidPointRaid Point increases your Building Profits by 1%. Raid Points also increase your Raid Rank.

Raid Rank Edit

When it comes to Raids, there are five Ranks. A player will begin the game at Raid Rank 1. Each Raid Rank allows the player to simultaneously conduct that number of Raids. For example, a player at Raid Rank 2 will be able to conduct 2 Raids at once.

As the player completes Raids, Raid Points accumulate and Rank increases. To Rank up, the player must collect a certain number of Raid Points.

Rank Name RaidPoint Raid Points Min. Raids Required
1 RaidRank1 Champion 0 N/A
2 RaidRank2 Commander 80 80
3 RaidRank3 General 300 110
4 RaidRank4 Warlord 1100 267
5 RaidRank5 High Warlord 2300 300

Raid Duration Edit

You can decrease raid time using Boots Of Hermes. This results in a Raid Timer reduction of -2% per level, up to a total of -40% at level 20.

Each raid gives you raid loot. You will receive raid loot particular to the city you raided and another type of raid loot selected at random.

Legendary Items Edit

Once you reach Felix you earn VoidCrystalVoid Crystals as well as RaidPointRaid Points for each raid completed.

These can be used to buy Legendary Items, which are found in the raid menu.

Name Cost VoidCrystal Effect Cumulative %
LegendaryItem01 Hammer of Hephaestus 20 50% Building Profit +50%
LegendaryItem02 Shield of Perseus 30 100% Knowledge Gains +100%
LegendaryItem03 Spaulders of Odysseus 40 70% Building Profit +155%
LegendaryItem04 Axe of Ganymedes 50 150% Knowledge Gains +400%
LegendaryItem05 Hood of Ariadne 60 90% Building Profit +384.5%
LegendaryItem06 Boots of Ajax 70 200% Knowledge Gains +1400%
LegendaryItem07 Sword of Achilles 80 1% Void Effect +1%
LegendaryItem08 Staff of Calchas 90 100% Building Profit +869%
LegendaryItem09 Dagger of Theseus 100 250% Knowledge Gains +5150%
LegendaryItem10 Breastplate of Hercules 110 100% Building Profit +1838%
LegendaryItem11 Ring of Felix 120 150% Building Profit +4745%
LegendaryItem12 WristPlate of Hephaestion 130 1% Void Effect +2%
Total 900

Optimal purchase plan is: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 as soon as there is enough void crystals; 9 + 10 + 11 together once at 330 crystals; 12 once at 245 void crystals.